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Danielle Rosenblatt

Certified Perinatal Mental Health Counselor

 Compassionate Psychotherapy: Healing Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety,
Life Trauma and Stressors
for Adult Women and Men at All Life Stages
Providing Virtual Therapy Sessions in  Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida & North Carolina

Using a warm and supportive approach, I help adult women & men at all life stages who are coping with trauma and life stressors, towards symptom relief and more peace of mind.  I have a special interest in supporting individuals dealing with issues related to pregnancy & the postpartum period and I am trained and certified by Postpartum Support International. I will listen, help you find your footing, and guide you towards feeling like yourself again. I understand the struggles you may be experiencing, from intrusive negative thoughts, to feelings of anxiety, depression, and loss of interest or difficulty enjoying things that you used to enjoy. Counseling sessions with me are tailored to help you find clarity, regain your balance and enhance your overall sense of well-being. My clients often report feelings of relief after the first session, and over time, more resilience and better tools to cope. 

Pregnancy Loss
What to Expect Your First Session
Navigating Your 20's
Breathing Exercises for Anxiety
How Change Happens

Who I Help

I help individuals struggling to start a family, trying to conceive after pregnancy loss, coping with infertility or reproductive trauma, postpartum depression, anxiety and other mood changes.


My clients also include individuals coping with a life change, traumatic event, family-of-origin or intergenerational/cross-cultural trauma, young professionals & college students navigating their 20s and 30s, adults navigating life stressors in their 40s and 50s and beyond, parents of tweens and teens, teachers and helping professionals who experience burnout or compassion fatigue, relationship & parenting stressors and more.

How I Help

It may feel important to know what therapeutic approaches I use, and if you are familiar, some of them include CBT, Mindfulness, IFS, IPT, Tapping & EMDR and other mind-body strategies that help provide relief from anxiety. I will help you increase non-judgmental awareness of the patterns that are keeping you stuck, so that you can move forward with more clarity. Above all, the treatment will depend on you and your needs. You will leave the first session with strategies to help you feel a little better right away.

I take a modern approach to therapy and will not leave you floundering in silence. I will be an active conversation partner. While my primary role is not to give you advice, I will tell you my honest and genuine opinion if you ask for it. I will listen with positive regard for you and your story and remember the important details of what you share. 

What sets me apart from other therapists is that I view the therapeutic relationship as an ongoing resource, the way you would a primary care doctor: My clients seek out my help at a particular life stage and often feel comfortable to return as they navigate new life milestones.  I believe connection is healing, and use warmth, transparency, & humor, so it may feel like talking to a friend, who has the knowledge and tools to help.

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